Creating a friction-less boarder-less financial ecosystem

No Barriers

Instant Trading of value for goods and services with anyone in person or around the world for less then a cent


Not every person has access to Bank Accounts or reliable currency, as found in a study conducted by the world banks that found, 1.7 billion adults worldwide do not have a bank account or access to a financial institution via a mobile phone, or any other device. The study also found that access to financial services online, greatly increased their chances of pulling them selves out of poverty. We need an easy system to trade value for goods and services, we have this now with Blockchain Technology, there is no need too jump through hoops and climb barriers for trade.
having a reliable decentralized currency will enable many people from third world countries to trade quickly and securely with people inside and outside of their countries of birth. Bringing them and their families the tools to better their lives and contribute to the worlds financial ecosystem. We believe the use of the ATMANT and the ATOMBOMB tokens over multiple platforms for easy transition to the tokens will help solve this .

Our solution

We are creating a friction-less, boarder-less financial ecosystem that anyone can use, as many people who are unbanked are disadvantaged both geographically and financially. Everyone has a right to trade value for goods and services, and work their way out of less fortunate circumstances. We have built 2 stores of values through our Tokens built over the stellar consensus protocol, the ATMANT token with its current value at around ten-thousandths of a cent, this value can and will fluctuate with the ever emerging market. Our second Token the ATOMBOMB token has a fixed value of 100 XLM, We are distributing 80% of all tokens to the exchange so that this technology and token can be Decentralized. The remaining 20% will be used to further develop the tokens and fund developers with innovative Dapps and concepts to make trading the tokens mainstream and enabling mass adoption.

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